New Compositions - 2007:
- Chamber Music
- The Party Suite


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Mother's Blues (feat. Sara Paar, Bonnie McAlvin)

THE SOPRANOS SUMMIT - Deadlines (Lacy)

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Chamber Music

- Resonances 
- Confines 
- Moments for Violin and Piano 

Quintet For Woodwinds
- Part 1  | View Sheet Music
- Part 2  | View Sheet Music
- Part 3  | View Sheet Music

- Portrait 1 (Trombone and Percussion) 
- Portrait 2 (Percussion and Electronics) 
- Portrait 3 (Soprano and Electronics) 
- Portrait 4 (Saxaphone and Piano) 

The Aquarian Suite
- The Whistler 
- The Best of Intentions 
- Aquarian 
(Dan Blake, tenor saxophone; Jason Palmer, trumpet; Jorge Roeder, bass; Richie Barshay, drums)

- Triangle 
- Fetters 
- Routeitout 
(Dan Blake, soprano saxophone; Josh Sinton, baritone saxophone; Yoni Niv, laptop)

Signs of Transcendence
- Composition 4G (Braxton) 
- Signs of Transcendence (Genovese) 
- What's Mine Is Yours 
- Tamaga 
(Dan Blake, tenor saxophone, electronics; Leo Genovese, piano/keyboards)

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The Party SuiteThe Party Suite
The Party Suite to me is an expression of all the joy and vitality in jazz music. Through this work, I’ve tried to express my love for this great American tradition by writing original music that showcases the ample abilities of all the performers.


"The Party Suite", is a sort of homecoming for me. Sitting down to write this music felt like an enormous exhalation of creative tension that had been building for several years. I felt relaxed, joyous, and thankful to be paying hommage to the tradition I love so much. As a result, the music was written quickly and confidently, and I feel great every time I play it!


The music pays homage to the edgy groove of Sidney Bechet’s New Orleans sound, with the
melodic inventiveness of Thelonious Monk, and the gritty, bluesy sophistication of Charles Mingus. With two saxophones stating idiosyncratic melodies that engage the ear, “The Party Suite” is, “an utterance for these days.” (Jazz Review, 2006) Celebrating the a recent move to Brooklyn, I recently gave the NY premier of “The Party Suite” at Rose Live Music in Williamsburg. The Party Suite has been featured on Eric Jackson’s “Eric in the Evening”, as well as in Bill Buettler’s Boston Globe “Jazz Picks”. I also recently had the opportunity to take the Party to South America, giving master classes and performances at the international jazz festival in Lima, Peru (see pics on the press page!).


I would like to write songs that speak to people through the simple fact that I have nothing to hide. I do not wish to hide behind style, technical virtuosity, or any clever conceptual idea I have
learned or created. My goal is to continue to absorb the music that interests while maintaining an uncompromising focus on what it is I am trying to express. This way, I believe that my own
creative expression will be rich in content, free of superfluous material, and will be the clearest
communication to all who listen.


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